yellowpop was created
from our fear of white
walls and sad spaces

We wanted to find a simple way to fill an empty room with joy and warmth. Our inspiration came from where people are happiest – outside, soaking up the sunshine. So we found a way to replicate the glow and energy that comes from a day spent in the sun (minus the vitamin D), and that’s when yellowpop was born. We wanted to bring something new to interior design, something that is more than just another piece of art. A unique LED neon sign lights up a room, giving it a warming glow, a fun pop or color and brings joy to all those who look at it. Seeing that glow is what keeps us excited to grow and create new products. So whether you choose a neon from our collection, a limited-edition piece from a renowned artist or a custom design, yellowpop pieces are guaranteed to add a pop of positive vibes to any space.

Ruben & Jeremy

Good to know

International Team

yellowpop is comprised of a remote team of awesome people that are located all over the world. We work diligently to provide you with the best products and great service along the way. Being an international team allows us to be available to you at all hours of the day. Our worldwide team gives our customers the best services all over the world.

Unique Artist Collaboration

We have taken neon signs a step further, they are no longer JUST for signage. Our collection of artist designed signs are exclusive to yellowpop and give you the chance to a unique and fun piece of artwork in your home. We turned neon into art.

Quality Products

We use only the best materials to hand build each sign. All of our signs are compliant with industry standards and are safe and easy to use. This means they are heatproof and child friendly, meaning you can place your neon anywhere you’d like, worry free. Not only that but they use less energy than traditional neon, a break on your wallet as well.

Constantly Improving

We take feedback from our customers very seriously. We review everything they have to say closely to see where we can improve and better ourselves. This allows us to constantly give you the best service possible!

Fear Of Empty Walls


There is nothing worse than a blank wall, an empty expanse, an interior just waiting to be decorated. This is what Fear of Empty Walls is and at Yellowpop we are fighting against it. We fight empty walls by providing you with unique LED Neon Signs from our collection or by helping you design a custom creation.